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A layup is when a player makes a jump shot which is launched before any defenders’ hands become involved in the shot. The shooter then passes to a teammate for the layup.

If two or more defenders come together to cover a layup, they must either all hit their blocks or attempt to recover the ball from any teammate’s reach. There is no contact or collision. This is a free throw (FF) shot and has nothing to do with the number of defenders involved or the number of players in the defensive lineups.

How are layups counted as FT’s?

Layups aren’t counted in free throw attempts. They are instead counted as free throws. There are four different types of FT’s and there are four different ways to make the FT.

There are three ways to make the FT in basketball.

1. One-Legged FT’s and 2. One-Legged FG’s 2. Three-Legged FT’s 2. Two-Legged FT’s 2. FT’s with the body in the backcourt.

The FT with the body in the backcourt is a two-hander, but is not counted as a FT at all by the official scorers in basketball or the referees.
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There are also two types of FT’s which are NOT counted as FT’s at all: two-footed lay-ups and two-footed jumpers.

Two-footed layups are considered “one-leg FT’s” when a player rolls the ball to an open place on the floor. In basketball, one-leg FT’s are made with the feet facing forward so they will be counted in the scoring statistics of the player who attempts them. In the NBA, the official scorer does not count a one-legged lay-up as a FT when it is made with the feet facing forward.

Another kind of three-legged FT is considered “two-legged FT’s” when the ball goes to the free-throw line to be attempted by another player, then rolls back to the spot where the shooter made the FT. In the NBA, two-legged FT’s are generally scored as a two-handed FT. When these FT’s are made, both players must pass to a teammate for the attempt to count and the FT number is not listed.

There are other different ways of making FT’s. The player making the FT is not required to be the shooter. Two shooters, two FT’s, two FT’s

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