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It’s like a two point shot that can also be a three. This is the shot you can make if you make good on your follow through (where you get the ball from behind your left shoulder). The goal is to get the ball out of the backcourt faster than your opponents. Most coaches like their two point shots to be behind the back and side.

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The two point shot is used on both sides of the court — up and down — and sometimes also on the side of the basket. A few guys might use the shot on the other side of the court as well, depending on player preference.

I’d never heard of a half court shot, but I heard there was a big difference in the shot itself. Is that true? It depends who you ask.

Here’s a link to an article about a half court shot in basketball:

If you get the ball out of your backcourt in the first five seconds of a half court shot, then the shot should be a good one. If the shooter misses three times or four times, or if there’s a turnover, then it is actually an out-of-favor shot, which is a low percentage shot from the half court that is not ideal.

Why do coaches put the ball with their feet up?

First, this reduces the amount of time your opponents have before they can counterattack, whether it be a pass or a dribble handoff. Your opponents are also forced to go a more difficult lane to the basket instead of a tougher one because you can set the ball up in a more favorable situation. This is also part of the game plan for a defender that just wants to disrupt your offense.

Why don’t we see a lot of half court shots like this? How can we counter it?

Not everyone is a bad scorer, but most coaches would agree that they don’t have the skill set to do this. Most players want to know that they have a chance to get a rebound or to score in the half court and they are more likely to take that shot. They are also more likely to make a pass if the defense is expecting the shot they’ve been waiting for. This means that the team is often forced to use more shots in the second half of games to compensate and for the purpose of getting a shot on the other side.

If two halves makes it easier to get shots, then why do we see so many half court shots? What gives?

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