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What will I wear for my match? What happens tomorrow?

I am a huge fan of WFTDA Horse Racing, not just because I am a very talented horseman, but because I believe there is so much depth behind the sport. There are so many passionate, talented, dedicated people out there who are looking for a passion you don’t always get at every other level.

When we get it all figured out, we will really appreciate horse racing a lot more. We need that!

A video I was fortunate enough to see at a local WFTDA event recently was of Steve Lomas, one of the greats, riding in a race in Colorado. What you saw in that video was nothing short of breathtaking.

When he saw his name listed at the top of the scoreboard, Steve thought something was wrong. He had worked his whole life to develop this horse. It was the greatest day of his life. His victory would have been a major upset at his previous track.

He thought he had a great chance to win the prestigious Triple Crown of Horse Racing.

As much as I would enjoy riding Steve, I will still pick him against any potential field. I don’t care how bad he can lose. It is hard to beat him when he has that much to prove, especially when there are no other horses of equal quality.

I can’t even conceive of Steve getting beaten on Saturday when we have eight horses to race (3 of them are Triple Crown winners). I believe we will see a very entertaining and successful event this weekend!

This one has been tough, but I feel the horse’s health and well-being are well-advised in these uncertain times. We cannot get ahead of ourselves as we can be paralyzed by fear, be overwhelmed by pressure and put off our jobs for fear of giving up.

If I had to go on a long bike ride and have something I just couldn’t wait to do, it would be the horse racing. It is the ultimate adrenaline rush, it is great physical training that will get me out running and riding faster than you will ever run.

For the past several days I have been trying to get ahead of the horse-racing news and I feel it is not safe to be riding Steve. There is much more to it than a horse’s health is involved. It is not safe! It is not for me and it is not safe for you.

Steve will be very excited to play

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