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How should parents be teaching children? Should the child should never be able to go to bed early? Do kids sleep the way you think they sleep? The purpose of this video is to educate people who want to know more about sleep issues. You can also watch another one on sleeping adults where Chris shares advice on how to get more out of sleep.

What’s a naper

A nap isn’t just about doing your nap when you are sick. If you have nappers, you also shouldn’t drink alcohol before bed because that can interfere with sleep and reduce your chances of going to sleep in the morning.

Why is it important for kids to attend school?

When we are kids we like things to be tidy. Our parents wanted us to always have a good bedtime so they gave us this napping routine and a bedtime reminder to be at bedtime. But they didn’t say we could learn how to relax, which is the big secret to sleep better. Kids sleep better if they learn how to relax.

The importance of sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene is a big part of getting a good night’s sleep and getting to bed early. Our body doesn’t need to be too happy every night, but it does need to be ready and able to function at the proper levels of sleep before it wakes up. There are things you can do which help with sleep hygiene – including:

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Doing your exercises before bed: This will help you keep the muscles in the muscle relax and increase the strength of your sleep muscles.

Not eating too much before bed: This will help you get the calories you need to get to sleep.

Not putting on too many layers: This is not a good idea especially if you are a naper.

Doing your meals before bed: This will be helpful.

Waking up early: This is not as important for babies as it is for adults.

Using the right technique

There are a lot of tricks you can use to prepare yourself for becoming a better sleeper if you have an early start to bed and wake up later. And of course, some things you can try yourself. The easiest one for a lot of nappers is sleep on your back. If you try this, you will find that you get the most out of sleep – especially if you use it regularly. The other tricks are simple and can be carried out without too much difficulty without thinking too much about it. We will discuss some of the tricks

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