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“Good to soft is when you are in any position to win the race you are going to try to get all of your horses as close together as you can. I don’t want them too far apart from each other. So any race you go into is going to be a race between your horses.”

“The last thing we’re going to do is send our best in the last 20 minutes so you have to get as close as you can.” In some ways the hard way!

So why not have a race between the strongest horses? Because it isn’t possible to win the championship without them? And so, why try to win it if your horse isn’t that dominant?

There are a number of factors and factors which contribute to what is called a race: the strength of your horses; the distance between the horses; the pace the horses are running; and the weather. These are all factors but perhaps the most important factor of all is the race itself. And there we come home where, a horse that makes his mark in a single race is an asset, a valuable asset, even better than other horses.

With the exception of a race between two best race horses it is easy to see why one wants to follow the horse to the finish. A horse will be more exciting at the end. And it has the appearance of a big prize for which the horse must be rewarded. So the longer and more intense the race the more exciting it is for the horse trainer and the horse owner.

To be fair to John Caulfield the way he looks at it is like that. He says “It is so, so important for us to have these big races, and for them to be the best possible race, but you don’t want to go in a race feeling you’ve gone the farthest and got a chance. And you never want to leave the track feeling you’ve won, but you want to leave the track feeling you have done well.”

To which I respond: “You don’t have to feel like you’ve won, but you have to feel like you’ve done well.”

And to which John responds: “You have to have been in the position where the horse can win the race. Otherwise you will get into positions where you can’t win.”

In his famous lecture to the Royal Society where he talks about how he believes one should race, John Caulfield made the points that he believes “it is essential, even a necessary part

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