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All of the ways we’ve described them here require that you use an application server. Here’s an image of where the application server is located.

The first thing we need to do is create a new application server. To do that, go to the Application Servers dropdown and select your server. In this example, it’s going to be MyAppServer.

Note As you can see in the diagram above, there are two server settings available. The Name of the application server is the name of the application, and the Authentication Mode that you’ll use is Auth0. This will be the mode you’ll use to connect to your domain controller – or domain.com. Once you’ve finished making all the necessary configuration changes to the application server, open your browser to http://localhost:3000. You should see something like this: You should now be connecting to MyAppServer.

When you have connected, you’re going to notice something like this in your browser address bar:

If you see something like this, that’s because you’ve done everything correctly, and you’re all set to connect to your new domain controller on domain.com.

There are a few things left to do. First, create this new application in the cloud. Click on the “Create an Application” link in the top right corner. You’ll be asked for the URL of your application. Here’s what you should send. You can send the URL for your application in either HTTP or HTTPS, but when you try to do both of those things, you’ll get something like this:

You want to use the URL your domain has on http://domain.com/ or at least one http://domain.com/. I’ll show you how to get the URL here.

Go to your application server and delete the application files you created in Step 3.

Now, you can create a new folder in the cloud and import the new application on that. All of the files that we removed in Step 3 will now go in the new folder in the cloud.

Now that you have your app, you must go back into the app servers list. You will see the new applications on your server. Select these. Once you do this, the application servers that you created will appear at the bottom of your list.

Now we need to take these apps and run them on each domain controller on each domain you have running on.

This time we’ll go over how we would

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