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This is all pretty straightforward, right? We can figure out what each way places are in our head based on the way they’re used.

The first step, however, is to understand that we must understand the mental world that surrounds us. Here I’m referring to ourselves. Our minds aren’t always well preserved; they’re often broken. You can see this in many ways: for instance, the way a bird gets its bearings or the way a house works. Sometimes one mental location is better than others, or perhaps we’re not at all aware of something that makes us the way we are. All these things can be described with the idea of mental places.

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Here are three of my favorite places. The first, we can call a mental place, is our mind’s place. Most of us have many mental places, and it can be easy for us to overlook a number of mental places simultaneously. For instance, if we were at the top of a mountain, it would often be easy to look down on the valley below. It’s quite possible we’re not entirely aware of that valley – it’s not one of our most important mental places.

Second, we can call a mental place a place that “we think about”. This is what I call a place that we are actively engaged in. For instance, if we want to walk, we need to think about a walk, and then walk to our destination. Or, if we want to watch a movie we like we want to think about a movie. We can make mental choices based on the nature of our mind or the mental world in which we find ourselves.

Third, we can call any place in our mind “our own thoughts”. For instance, if you’re walking along the sidewalk, you are probably thinking about how to get to your destination. In that case, your mind might be doing many different things. It might, for instance, be thinking about making your destination (or the place where you want to go) as pleasant as possible, as well as whether you’re likely to find anything interesting or unusual.

I will admit I use these words interchangeably, but that’s exactly how they work in our lives. Let’s take a look at what happens when we consider a mental place that is just the way we are.

The Place we Live In

As long as our brains are alive, we are going to be thinking about a number of different mental places. Our mind is a machine, and it

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