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If you put your horse in your stable and you bet on it, that makes you an odds-on winner. When you bet a dollar or more on a horse, you get the odds-on horse. Here’s the difference: odds-on horses can go for any value, but their payout is capped.

1. What you can do

You can use a number of methods depending on how many times you want to be connected to the web:

Connect using Facebook

You use Facebook to share information about yourself. Once you share your information with Facebook, Facebook will not share it with anyone else.

You can use Facebook to connect to the web.

2. How to use


If you’re already on Facebook, you’ll see the following screen:

Sign in to your Facebook account by clicking on Facebook. In the right-hand menu, click Connect. In the sign-in dialog that appears, enter the URL of your web browser to be connected. Enter a name for your connection. Click Connect.

Your computer will prompt you to save this connection, and it will stay open until you click Forget connection…

If you want to use Facebook while still on your computer, you can use the following steps:

Open a new web browser, such as Chrome. When the page loads, click Open tab. Type in a name for your connection. Click Connect.

If you’re connected to the same network as the web browser, the connection will go through just the network you’re connected to. This will save bandwidth.

If not:

Check the privacy settings at the Facebook website (it may show you how many friend requests it has successfully completed).

Use Facebook to manage your personal information. See how.

If your connection isn’t active (for example, you’re on a different network), the link will be grayed out.

3. What you can’t do

You can’t use Facebook online with your mobile phone—use the mobile browser or another service instead.

Check out The Next Web to learn how to share your location with your device.

Download this tool for more details on how to use your Facebook account on other websites.

4. Other online tools

You can help make life easier for more people by using mobile browsers such as Twitter, Facebook, or email.

5. Connect with fellow classmates

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