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Races in the Great Smoky Mountain Race are:

• American Thoroughbreds

• Great Scott Thoroughbreds

• Kentucky Oaks

• Old Forester

• Quarter Horse

• Shag

• Stover

How many years ago did you start breeding horses?

At least 10 years ago.

When was the first time you had a stallion that you bred?

I just didn’t start breeding horses until four years ago.

What is your favorite place to visit in the Great Smoky Mountains?

The park is huge, I’ve only been here once (and not in winter). It’s great for viewing the forest, for hiking, for exploring the mountains, for camping.

Best place to stay in Asheville?

Piedmont Inn – just minutes from the Smoky Mountains National Park and 1,000 acres of rolling land.

What are your specialties?

I work with horses, so I’ll often show you how they ride, and I’ll help the groom and owner with tricks when they’re tired.

Do you feel like a natural at horse racing?

I love being able to watch the horses compete and watch the excitement of the races. It’s great to see the horses being judged and competing, while at the same time enjoying the scenery and wildlife as we pass by.

Do you have any advice to give riders? What tips are you happy that we’ve all had?

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Train for the race, as best you can, with plenty of time, but don’t get too much out of having a horse. You can have a few days to soak in the scenery and enjoy your horses, when they’re well rested and fed, but do not let your horse get too fatigued from racing.

You’ve only been here a week, but you’re already seeing the beauty that is the mountains. What are you currently doing that’s making you stand out to everyone around?

I’d say I keep moving, but this year I just took a job as a trail maintenance technician. So I try to keep moving, but I am learning how to stay fit and healthy while doing that.

I know from speaking to customers that I’m very popular. I’m not an employee, but I’m sure that they have a great time.

Do you plan on coming back to the Smoky Mountains again?

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