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The winner of Preakness will be awarded the Post Position (PWP) and the runner-up will be awarded the first/second place Post (SPP).

Will the winner be the best horse of the field after the Preakness?

The PWP is determined by a random draw on Saturday night, May 30. The winner of the PWP will be the Best in Show at Belmont. The SPP is determined by a statistical analysis of the field on the Monday, the 10 day following the Preakness. Both will be published by the Stakes Historian. Stages and winners will be announced immediately following the conclusion of the Preakness.

How do the numbers determine the PWP and the SPP?

For the Preakness, a field is composed of the top twelve finishers in each of the top three races of the Preakness: 1-1 Oaks and 2-1 Preakness. The PWP and the SPP will be determined by a randomly drawn drawing of ten (10) horses at the Preakness, from the ten winners from each of the three races. The PWP and the SPP will be determined by a statistical analysis of the field.

How can I see the results of the drawing?

Each draw for the PWP and the SPP will be made prior to the Preakness. You should follow these instructions to find the results:

1.) Open the Internet browser and type in : horses.com/pwp/preacontest.htm.

2.) Click “View Details” in the upper bar.

3.) Read the results of the draws for each of the races until they are posted and confirmed in the horses.com/pwp/preacontest.htm entry or if they are not confirmed within one hour. The final numbers for the races will then be determined.
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4.) Please do not open the Web site while the drawings are taking place. Your computer needs to be in use for the draws to be accepted. If a computer is not working, please call the Horse Show Hall at 877-225-6890 to ask questions regarding results.

5.) If you need further clarification, please call the Horse Show Hall at 877-225-6890 for further information.

I received my Post Position in the horses.com. What happens if the PWP and SPP for a horse is different than

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