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There are two types of racing in the U.S.
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1. Online Racing

This is a form of professional racing, where teams race on-site or online, and have different rules designed to help them win. Each team has a specific amount of drivers who will be racing from the start to the finish of each race. Teams are usually composed of a set number of drivers, typically five- or six-time drivers. The teams can be based in any of the participating cities and are usually owned by individual teams in those cities.

2. Fielded Racing

Fielded racing involves the use of a team vehicle, usually a motorhome with trailer attached to it. The race in a fielded race is generally longer — often about two hours — and generally more difficult, as the entire field must race simultaneously. All racers must be completely stationary and must be moving as quickly as possible on their vehicles. Some race organizers consider the fielded practice to be a form of practice, but only if the race is run at a specific time during the day and on a particular distance.

What are the similarities and differences between horse racing as an alternative to conventional horse racing?

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