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The three races are the human (Homo sapiens), the humanlike (humanoids), and the alien (technomant).

Homo Sapiens is generally thought of as people who all possess the same human-like body type (such as human females and Human Males). The Human Race, however, includes humans who have been modified by technology, such as Humans from other species.

Humanlike and Technomant are humans who possess unique or exotic features which differ from other humans. Technomant can be considered as humans with technology.

The three races have been described in various cultures, such as the following:

Humans from other species

The term technomant has been used to describe various races which are different from humans. These include the alien races of the Technomantica, from the Tarrasque and other insectoids to the human race from the Galactic Federation.

Some examples show, however, that there are humanlike and technomant-like races not necessarily based on some scientific theory and could even be natural hybrids.

It is known that certain species of insectoids have similar technological features to humans, including insects based on an extinct species of insects called Arrancar. Other species of alien races also share such technology, such as the Technomantica alien race.

Other possible alien cultures

The term Technomantica is frequently applied to other aliens such as the Technomant species and any form of hybrid between humans and others. Some species of aliens can also be considered Technomantica. These might be a species that is technologically pure, so humans can still interact with them, or a species that has evolved over centuries into a technologically advanced and advanced alien race, and it looks like one which still possesses a significant amount of organic organic biology.

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