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A: I think the three most important races are the elves, humans and dwarves! Elves and dwarves are the most intelligent and versatile races; but because of their size and strength, they can have a big role in the war against the monsters that are the best creatures in the game.

Q: Is there going to be a world map?

A:Yes! The world map (a map with the world in it, a world map is the map of the real world, the map of a different world in front of the player) that will be available after the game is released will have the world map of the “real world”, but for now just the name “real world” has not been decided.

Q: Will there be new monsters, bosses or skills introduced like in the original Dragon Quest games?

A: The game will be filled with new enemies and a lot of monsters!

Q: Will there be more quests?

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A: There will be more quests and it will be easier for new players, who are not as skilled as veteran gamers. The quests will be more different.

Q: How many hours of game play do you expect for the first chapter?

A: I think it will take about 3-4 hrs per day for 1 player on the computer, 4-5 hrs depending on equipment to take advantage of, and 30-60 hrs per week for 2 players on the computer.

Q: Will there be a free to play mode?

A: If they decide that it’s not a good idea for the fans and there’s not enough support from the fans or for the creators or players, then the free to play mode will not be implemented. This will happen after there’s a clear sign of where to head in, which path should be taken and from there that decision can only be made. But at this point it’s too early to decide.

Q: Is it true that the story will get longer after Chapter 2?

A: We can’t give details yet. As the story progresses, it will keep a pace that will keep the players wanting more and more.

Q: Should we expect the 3 major areas to be expanded in subsequent chapters?

A: The 3 main areas that are currently in the game will be expanded. In this way, players will be able to enjoy new story and new scenarios.

Q: Will there be more story lines and side quests?

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