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If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an over-the-top insult, chances are it came from someone you didn’t even know. In some cases, it’s only the first sign of being targeted.

We’ve compiled a list of the most memorable, most shocking insults, which can come from your favourite authors or authors you follow on social media. We’ve also included some words that are only mentioned by authors in books.

All these words belong to authors. Some of them are famous, some weren’t even available in books. But everyone has their own favourites, which might explain why some of them take up a fair bit of space.

1. “Gone with the wind”

This one is so famous, it’s been used in hundreds of thousands of jokes. But it’s still a memorable word.

2. “Cockroach”

This one is a common one, especially when the author is famous – this is a good reason not to make fun of them for years to come.

3. “You were born to lie”

Sometimes “you’re born” is used with more sincerity than the other “you’re born to lie”. People don’t like talking about their own private parts. That’s what these two are saying: “The baby belongs to me, so I’ll stay in the background all the time. The rest belongs to you.”

4. “I don’t know”

This is a common phrase used by authors on social media to express how they are unsure of something. It’s not the most humorous one of all.

5. “Dude, where did you sleep last night?”

“Did you have a great time in bed? I bet you did.”

6. “What did you get yourself into?”

This one was actually written by Mark Twain (he didn’t say where, but it was probably a good night’s rest!), who’s best known for his The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

7. “What is that smell coming from you?”

Probably the most famous one of all, it originated from a movie based on the

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