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If you’ve heard nothing else about the story of “The Wizard of Oz”, you might still be thinking that at age 19 the world’s greatest young wizard is probably living in a shack with his parents.

It isn’t true.

According to a new study by the International Centre for Research on Women, more than a quarter of all American high school girls attend a private high school. It’s not just students who prefer traditional schooling and high education that they are attracted to, but it seems that the people are looking more specifically to schools that have gender-segregated facilities.

“If high schools today are more gender neutral, and the public schools seem to be more heterogeneous, the difference in how women and men learn in our schools appears,” the authors write at Columbia University. “For American college students, the gender-segregated environment of many public institutions seems to provide an alternative to the traditional environment of high-school.”

Some of the reasons men are choosing women-only schools is simple, but the research suggests more complex, which is, why more women are enrolling in private high schools and why more young men are going to school elsewhere.

The author of the study, Kathleen Kennedy, told a local ABC affiliate that she thought the issue of gender-segregation in students’ education was important because “this is the first time I have seen a school like this with boys with boys that are boys not girls with girls.

“I think that it may make a difference to boys,” Kennedy, vice president at the National Women’s Law Center, said. “When you’re in a school with a lot of girls, you just kind of think of yourself as male. And I do think it’s more common than most people may think for girls to come from a less traditionally gendered school.”

Kennedy pointed out that as of the last census, women make up 63 percent of the higher education work force and 61 percent of the student population. But “at nearly half the schools in the United States, in nearly every high school in America there’s an equal number of girls and boys enrolled. And women and men in general are more likely to go to schools that are equally segregated,” Kennedy said.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were about 20,000 more female students enrolled as 18-year-old students in the early years of the 1990s than there were in 1990.

But the research shows that women who attended private high

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