How does weight work in horse racing? – Horse Racing News

As you may have heard there was a huge debate about this in the 1920’s. The sport changed over the next 30 years, due to the advent of the modern modern era, such as the use of horses for the Olympic Games and in World War II. It was only in 1992 that the weight was put on the back of the horse.

In the horse racing world, most people agree that the weight limit should still be at least 20-25 pounds. However, some people argue they want their horse to weigh closer to 100 pounds and as such they may have their horse weigh in at 50-75 pounds. Some people believe that the heavier a horse is, the more they should be allowed to race. Others however believe that it should be closer to 30 pounds, but if your horse weighs around 50 pounds you aren’t allowed to race because you may damage him too much – this could kill an owner or a trainer.

There are three ways to get a weigh in at a race, one of the easiest is to send your horse to get one by the weigh in master, or the weigh in coordinator of the race, or you can ask the weigh in master to get the weigh in done for you. Weigh in coordinators are very busy people, and they will be more than happy to weigh your horse just for you!

If you are looking to do it yourself you would just contact a professional weigh in coordinator and ask them for help, or you can just let your horse weigh in for you. You will get a weigh in done in no time and you will save the expense of paying a racehorse groom out of your own pocket, and your horse will do everything for you when you take your horse race at a race that the racehorse was bred to run.

Are there any advantages to having a weigh station?

YES and NO! If your horse weighs in at 150, you just may be able to start your race ahead of schedule and maybe even be ahead of a runner! However, if your horse weighs in at 25 pounds, but still runs at 100 yards, or you weigh in at 32 pounds instead of 50 then you will be stuck behind a slower horse. It could mean he will probably go back in the next race because the slower horses will probably be faster so you will most likely be a slow runner that will end up being outmatched one on one, just as you did in your last race. It can also mean that you will lose out on some of your chances

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