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“We win with passion. We’re going to go out there and have fun, be aggressive, and not look back.”

What did you get out of that practice?

“We got a lot out of it. We were able to get our defense playing, our effort was good, and we had great energy.”

Are those the things that you have looked to build on this season?

“Those are the things that we are focused on. We’re focused on what we’re going to do to win basketball games, and what we’re going to do to win big basketball games. We’re not looking for the easy answers here.”

There are certain things that teams don’t seem to do well against you. What can you attribute to that?

“They just don’t do it as fast in this league. They just try to stay off our screens, they stay off our cuts, they stay off of our screens or they run out of looks.”

Which teams are best able to attack those looks?

“I really want to go out there, put on a full display of energy, go out there, take over offensively, put on a full display of defense.”

Why do you think your team does so well when you get after them?

“They think they have me beat on offense for a little bit. Sometimes when we come out with that intensity, they don’t realize we have that intensity. That’s what they do.”

In this game, do you think the Lakers could have scored more?

“You guys should be worried about that.”

Is it the energy that makes them do that?

“No, that’s just the basketball, we come out, we play.”

How do you view your team’s shooting?

“I think our focus is on trying to make things happen. That’s how you can win basketball games.”

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Are you trying to be patient to build some momentum with this team?

“Not really. I would think that they would play a little bit better in front of the first row. We just have to make sure that we get their focus right. They go back for 3s, they try to score, they try to take away the rim.”

This game will also be your first meeting with Kobe Bryant. Have you talked about that beforehand?

“We do talk about going at him and trying to slow him down. He’s

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