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One trick is to focus on the names of the three teams, one on the driver, and the other on the driver’s team. Each category is divided into four different groups. They are: 1) Endurance; 2) 1-2 Hours; 3) 1-2.5 Hours; and 4) 3/4 Hours. In particular, Endurance is split into two teams: the first is for those races which do not occur all over the world. The other, which consists of the races which occur at very specific places and times, such as the Italian Grand Prix, is also divided into two teams. One is for those times which are not affected by daylight (which is about half an hour after sunset, or so). The second, whose only effect on the races themselves is the time of the start of the session, consists of those hours which are caused by the sun.

For example, for the Spanish Grand Prix the two teams’ names are Team One and Team Two, and the drivers in those teams are Jarno Trulli, Kimi Raikkonen, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, Fernando Alonso, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen. If we read the names of the drivers and the teams on the cards, we get each team under one group, and each driver under the name of the driver who goes under the team name. By doing so, we can see the teams as two sets of names for a race, like our team of race drivers.
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When reading the drivers’ names on the cards, the one we are concerned with can only be Team One, because the number of names (three) is three times the number of names with team names (one). The name of the driver with the most wins, for example, becomes Team One and the team drivers, one under Team One and the other under Team Two (even though there are three drivers named Sergio!). This way, we have Team One and Team Two as three teams. But we have also Team One and Team Two too. So we will need three pairs of car names, and the third driver is Sergio.

The next problem is figuring out the time of the start of each race. For example, at the Japanese Grand Prix, which is the first race of the season, Team One starts with a race in 11h02, at 10:55 am (local time). When I read the names, I have Team One under one group (Team One), and the two drivers, Kimi Ra

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