How do you read a race card? – Horse Racing Board Game Codycross

It’s a bit more complex than that.

When reading a race card, take the top race and put it on top of your other racing cards. If you want to find the card with the highest point totals in your race, look for the top card. If the card is still there when you’re trying to finish, you’ve found the best card. Sometimes there will be a number next to the card – I sometimes see this number, but it’ll be something like 18 points – that represents how many points your second card in the race has.

When you’re thinking about picking a card, it’s important that you ask yourself these questions:

How well will this card perform in future races? Do I already have a card that does that?

If the answer to both of those questions is ‘yes’, then you should pick the card. If the answer to both is ‘maybe’, then you’re probably better off looking at that second card in the race.

The more questions that you ask yourself, the more you can see what cards are doing well and what are doing poorly. In the above example, I asked myself this question:

How well will their new card perform in future races at GP Charlotte?

That’s the first card I picked for my second card in the race. The new card performed at GP Charlotte and I liked it even more than the second card when I played it again in my own second game.

To answer the next two questions, we’ll need to think about the other cards in our deck. I’ve split this up by color, but it makes the above example much more useful (we’ll do this again in a moment):

Does my color pair well with the cards in my color pair? Are there other cards in the color pair I’d like to have?

Let’s take some look at those questions, shall we?

The first question focuses on the card you’re picking. The second question focuses on your opponent’s card.

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The question of what you want your opponent’s card to do is a lot more nuanced than it seems. If you want your opponent’s card to be good, you need to ask yourself this question:

How good is this card at what I’m doing? Has it done well in past events?

This question is a little more nuanced and I’ve done some thinking on how important it is to do some thinking on it to make sure your answer is right

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