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We’ll teach you.”

“The idea is to let go of whatever your ego is focused on and concentrate on your team,” he added.
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“You want the crowd at MSG to be a happy place. I do this with my team and my coaching staff. I have a huge trust from my players.”

So what’s the key to winning games in a playoff run?

“Get your team excited about going out there,” said Dragic, “and bring a level of confidence to the team that they’re capable of going out there and doing amazing things.”

In this series we’ll be presenting a unique set of tools and techniques. We’ll be teaching players about the basics and tricks of playing Magic, showing them how to find their Magic decks and how to become a deckbuilder, and finally we’ll go over how to make your own custom decks with some fun new cards…

So let’s get started…

The Deckbuilding Primer and Tourney Rules

First, let’s cover basic deck building information. Magic is a game of strategy. When it comes time to build your decks, it’s important to remember that you are competing in a game of skill. That’s why you should always be learning the game by building new decks and learning your cards by playing those same old decks.

In the following article, I’ll be explaining the rules for playing a Magic tournament, explaining how to build your own customized deck and how to play a normal match.

Let’s Get Started With Deckbuilding

There are a couple different ways to build and play a standard deck:

You can try this simple trick and try and win a tournament – it’s always fun to win (though the first time in five years, I actually got beaten).

You can try and win a tournament by winning every game, but that just gets boring really fast and you’re likely to wind up in a “bad” position.

You can learn how to play Magic by constructing your own deck, but that is a long-winded way of learning that will probably do more harm than good.

The most common way to learn what it takes to play a well constructed (with cards that will help you win) deck in Magic is in tournaments. There is just something about seeing a deck put together that feels good after playing it once or a thousand times.

The way to learn this is to read through some of my tournament articles, which have been updated for

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