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I am surprised at the number of complaints received about the use of whips. On several occasions, I have received a statement in which the owner of a horse said “Why did the whips hurt the horse?’ I answered “Because the whips were tied.”

Is it proper for a professional horse trainer to teach someone how to ride by slapping them twice a day for ten days? Of course not; we do a lot of riding ourselves. I think it best to learn from horses. But if it is necessary, then it is best to give the new rider some experience.

Is it possible that when I ride I am doing something unnatural to myself? Certainly not. Is it possible that I ride my riding school too much, and then when I ride a different horse, what do I do? I will teach myself not to be a jerk on the saddle any more, and I will learn what it will take to drive a horse at full speed.

It is a well-known fact that the more experienced riders who train horses become more sensitive to their horses’ sensations. As the horses become stronger, they become more aware of the rider’s needs, which is what results in a more pleasant riding experience. After all, I am not just a rider, I am a horse and a horse rider.

The reason the better riders get used to riding fast is that when they learn to ride fast, the feeling gets deeper in their hands. The muscles in the fingers get tighter and tighter. This increases the sensation in their fingers, resulting in a more pleasant ride.

The more experienced riders experience their horses more as animals, not human beings. This results in a more pleasurable ride, and a less frightening ride if the accident occurs on a long distance horse-riding trip. For example, if I am not riding my horse fast enough, I may feel a vibration in my hand while I ride, but it is less painful. If I have to take a short break and I am feeling a bit uneasy, I feel a vibration in my hand and get used to the feeling a second time.

In this sense, not only do riders learn by riding their horses, but also that their horses are feeling their riders. It is not only the riders who can influence their horses. The horses themselves influence each other as well. The more experience riders have in riding their horses, the deeper those emotions in their horses get, thereby creating a more pleasant ride.

A well-trained horse always gives

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