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Are thoroughbreds faster than show jumping horses? Where should one find them?

This video, hosted on Instagram, showcases a variety of horses at various speeds and jumping heights. Most horses appear to be fast, but a few appear quite slow—perhaps a half-dozen in the video. In fact, some of them appear to only come to life at specific heights and speeds.

It takes some patience (not a lot) to see how horses behave, though there are glimpses of their movements that might excite the young.

Check out the video in which a young horse goes up a steep hill that may require a small leap for both rider and horse.


Caught in the act of urinating in the roadway (W.H.O.) are not only the culprits but are also some of the most prolific urinators, particularly at night. The culprits are two types of bacteria, Campylobacter and Bacteroides, that normally dwell in the gut and, therefore, have the capacity to colonize most human excretory tissues (e.g., the anus). Thus, by urinating into the roadway, they enter the environment in large numbers and thus increase the likelihood that local contamination of the public street is not only possible but likely.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many of us know nothing of the role that these infections play in public health. For example, it seems that nearly 70 percent of the adult population consumes a high-fat dairy product daily, and that about a quarter of the total number of people in the United States has a bacterium that can cause an infection in their mouth. We’re so reliant on what we eat that if our community became increasingly sicker all the time, we would be even more vulnerable than most. Our health issues are also increasingly exacerbated by the environmental pollution caused by overpopulation.

As a result, the City of Jacksonville works with the State Medical Examiners office, the State Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Department of Health, the Jacksonville Public Health District, and various other agencies to educate residents on the importance of regular dental cleaning and avoiding the use of any potentially bio-hazardous ingredients that will lead to an oral infection in their bodies.

This information is then included in a daily digest and posted on the City’s website. It is not an exclusive list and there are hundreds of ways that people can help, such as the following:

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