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(Horse weight or type, no)


(Horse size or breed, no)



Horses can become very restless during the early morning or evening, and can be left with poor quality water.

Horses in heat need extra care, be on a long walk to keep fresh and to cool-off, and never leave their stalls.

If you do decide to have a companion horse, make sure it is good quality, good breed, with good hygiene and not used to having visitors or other livestock in its stall.

Always treat it, and your friend, with respect, and do not treat it as a pet.

Read “Horses and Sheep” for information about caring for your horse, including advice about how to maintain its good health.

What other animals may be left with my companion animal?

If your pet is left with other animals, it could become injured, ill, or possibly become ill in such numbers that it is not able to be tended to well enough. It could also become lost, or become aggressive. If it is not kept indoors, it can become prey (e.g., deer, skunks, opossums).

Your cat might become injured in her home, or have animals in the house. She might even have to be taken to the vet. If you believe your cat is in need of help, please consider seeking out a veterinarian.

Are my companions allowed to roam free in the streets or outside of the city limits?

Unless your pet has an established place in the city, the authorities will not usually allow the animal to roam the streets. If your companion is outdoors, you can get an indoor microchip so that you can track the animal. Please note – some dogs and cats are able to walk off their leashes.

Is my companion animal a police officer or a volunteer firefighter? Can I have it help me if it gets into trouble or is attacked?

The authorities will not allow your animal to help you when it gets into trouble, and it will have to stay indoors or at a safe distance, so as not to provoke the authorities.

Should I use the same type of collar on a friend animal as on the family pet?

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Never use the same type of collar on a family pet as on a companion animal. Any type of collar can hurt your animal.

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