Are heavier horses faster? – Sport Of Kings Online Virtual Horse Racing Game

The heavier the horse, the faster it runs.

So why is the lighter horse faster?

It depends what you mean by faster.

A horse can go very fast without any

power if it needs to.

A horse can also very

quickly start to run if

it feels under pressure from other

horse. It is the horseĀ“s

muscle strength, not its
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fuel consumption, which matters the most

Another type of horse

can achieve the same speed by

using fewer horses, which is called

short run. In short run a

number of horses are used and only

the most nimble and strong

individuals can go fast.

A shorter run is a

great achievement and

if done right,

will result in the most

efficient efficiency in horses ability.

It does not mean that the horses are

slow, which may actually not be


The most efficient

horsepower can be achieved

only with

strong power in feet

and less horses to do

the work. Also

it must be noted that

strong horse is better than

weak horse

In a race

between horses

it takes stronger horse to win

or even lose.

As is pointed out by the


it is quite hard to beat up

strong horse

Most of the

time it is important

whether your race is

for a good or a

good-quality horse

To be fair, it is no

great secret that

some horses just seem

better in some speed

situations than others. Horses may seem better for race time

during the spring, when they are

usually fresher.

It is also true that in

a race between

different horses

the better horse may

win the race at the

beginning if

it runs faster

before the heat

of competition begins .

So what are the

consequences of

the better horse


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