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And if heavier and heavier horses are faster, then is the horse lighter or heavier at each leg end?”

“We have been able to use the results of the study to develop a weight-based model of the weight-training cycle,” says Jang. “This means that weight-training cycles based on the actual physiological and metabolic changes in horses are not limited to those experienced in ‘normal horse breeding.’ Instead, our findings can be used on any breed of horse. It’s like a treadmill for horses.”

Jang and colleagues used the weight-training cycle as an indicator of the physiological changes experienced by trained mares. The two mares who participated were used as a control group. Jang and colleagues have identified two specific phases in the weight-training cycle: “resting period,” the time period between the horses getting in and out of the saddle, and “recovery phase,” the period between that and the horses performing the first lap.

The recovery phase is when the horses begin to warm up and begin to warm up. These stages take approximately 50 minutes per horse for each horse. According to the results, during the recovery phase, the mares were able to recover more quickly and more effectively than the mares from the initial training. During this time they could do a larger-than-normal number of repetitions per session.

The researchers believe that the higher-intensity weight training that is usually done in this “low intensity” phase causes a high-volume of muscle fiber contraction for a shortened time, which translates into a higher force and greater power output than previously experienced.

Additionally, the mares from the control group had a much shorter recovery period than the mares from the training group and did not show the same adaptations seen in the mares from the training phase.

“With this new, deeper understanding of the training of mares, we hope to further explore the underlying mechanisms by which the horses respond to heavy training and provide future evidence-based recommendations on the effectiveness or efficiency of specific weight-training modalities,” says Jang.

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